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Say Bye-Bye to Scratch Cards- Go Green

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Much has been said about the going green and caring for the environment but what will be changed if we don’t change our-self. Though we organize many programs to discuss about  environmental issues but we rarely think of how can we be a part of saving our precious environment. 

Some changes that can be made in our daily life can be great contribution to make our surrounding clean, green and healthy and avoid the earth as a whole from global warming and other natural disasters. It is the duty and responsibility of all mankind to be loyal towards the well being of our fragile planet.Because of development and inventions of different means of communication, the world has been a small village. Now, we cannot imagine our days without various communication devices. For their operation, of course we need to pay their usage charge to the service providers for which the use of scratch cards provided with some digits for account recharge. 
For recharge of mobile phone to DTH to other internet usage charges, the use of scratch cards is popular all over the world.  And it is clear that that the scratch cards which we use frequently is invaluable except the code, are made of papers whose only source is tree. So, while using each such cards, we are deteriorating our environment. Though, using some cards may not seem to be of great matter but millions of cards are being used in the world which is obviously leading deforestation.

According to a study, for every 20,000 scratch cards not used we save a treeIf we could reduce the rates at which we use paper, we will have a great impact to the way trees are being cut.
The news of natural calamities hitting in some countries has been regular news these days. So, there is extreme need to adopt the alternative means of account recharge to curb the use of such paper cards & be environment friendly to conserve the natural resources too. So, there is extreme need of strategic steps to eliminate use of paper based airtime recharge vouchers i.e. adopting paperless transactions which ultimately contribute to environmental conversation. It is possible to recharge the accounts without having to use a scratch card i.e. via cleaner, greener electronic top up system.

That may include online recharge or MPOS or other means which involves no use of scratch cards. Here, printing, packing, transporting, scratching and dumping of top up cards are of no use as the lines are easily topped up by simply giving a mobile number to be topped up and the airtime is sent directly to the mobile number.
 When you recharge through these smart means, you are contributing more or less in the conservation of environment. Internet banking, mobile banking has made the payments easier and smarter for which there is no need to travel to nearby outlet to buy the cards which ultimately saves your fuel and precious time too. Paperless recharge prevents not only the exploitation of trees during their production, but also checks the littering of thrown used scratch cards along with their plastic wrappers which thereby makes environment healthy and conducive for living beings.  It is amazing  according to a beleivable source, about 94 percent of all the people identify littering as a major environmental problem and yet many continue to throw paper carelessly.

By quitting these kinds of offline counterparts, there is big gain but no pain. Recharging system is faster and easier to use than the Scratch card. It is also more advantageous than the scratch card in the fact that it saves the users’  Time and Energy. The time and energy required on scratching a scratch card can be forgone for an electronic recharge that takes just a few seconds to complete. 

Another benefit is that account recharge can be done  at any time and place regardless of whatever amount the customer wants to buy as long as it is available. There is still a hot debate about the risk of cancer by scratching Scratch hologram of such cards but if we use the new technology of online payments, there is no point of affecting precious health too. There would be no risk of damaging cards due to water, fire or other calamities during the transportation or while scratching cards. Even we don’t need to worry about the validity. Though, electronic top-up service might have been introduced by the telecommunication companies for various reasons but direcltly or indirectly, it is working a lot in environment conservation.
 The current position of Nepal in terms of mobile recharge method is as this figure according to Nepal-pay
Though some new systems of online payment may be difficult task for some uneducated people but MPOS system and payments via banks and other financial institutions are excellent alternatives. Some of the online payment system is implemented by the telecom operators of Nepal. Nepal telecom has provided such system of payment via different service providers  like: “Nepal-pay” Cash payments kiosks network, Paybill which also supports mobile banking recharge system and many other whose full info list can be accessed through here. Such new & online systems are beneficial not only to the customers but also to the telecom service providers as the expenses of production, handling, transportation, distribution and manual labor are reduced. 

According to pay-bill, telecom operator gains a lot via the system, 3 SMS are generated for each transaction while recharging by mobile banking through which the operators can gain a lot. So, why not bring some offers to attract the customers. The full details about further benefits to customers and operators according to paybill can be downloaded from here.

Desclaimer: I am not associated with any of these service providers.

Written By Raju Dawadi
Raju is a Computer Engineering student in Nepal, tech and social media enthusiast, web developer, blogger experimenting with SEO and web analytics.

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