Sunday, October 20, 2013

Facebook loosens privacy, allows teens to make public post

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Removing the restriction of the post visibility within friends and friends of friends circle for users under the age of 18, Facebook has announced that it now allows teens to post publicly. Now on, teenagers can share their status, images and other contents with the public by manually altering the privacy setting.

But the default setting of posts visibility will be to smaller audience in friends list only which was friends of friends till the date. For alert, when a teen posts publicly, they’ll see a repeated warning before each post telling them that the post can be seen by anyone, not just within their circle.

The change in privacy comes after most teens started choosing other social media platform like: twitter which has no restrictions of the post visibility.

Facebook via a blog post said that it decided to revise privacy rules to make its service more enjoyable for teens and to provide them with a more powerful megaphone when they believe they have an important point to make or cause to support.

Though critics worry about teens creating a digital trail that could lead to trouble, it could make easier for teens to share violence against them if any with public. The step could increase participation in digital world if used wisely.

Facebook doesn’t allow children under 13 to set up an account but doesn’t have a reliable way of age verification which could make sex offenders to target teens.

Written By Raju Dawadi
Raju is a Computer Engineering student in Nepal, tech and social media enthusiast, web developer, blogger experimenting with SEO and web analytics.

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