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Hack4good for Second Time in Nepal

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After the tremendous success of #hack4good Kathmandu held on 2013 october for the first time in Nepal, the next series is also going to be held soon this February. The first of this series had produced 6 incredible project including #donate4good, which scored third position globally.

#hack4good is organised by Geeklist , a global social network, based in San Francisco, and linking nearly 100k developers all around the world that is held simultaneously in various cities around the world  with participation developers and other creative people working on building ideas into web and mobile applications which could help to overcome some challenges in our society.

The 48 hours restless hackathon focuses on uniting the world's greatest expert engineers, designers, product builders and entrepreneurs by building up projects on an idea that would do some good to the society.

In the first grand event following projects were build up among which #donate4good scored 3rd position globally.

Jootau: This project aims to serve users by informing them about events based on the location & interest specified by the user.
Room Rental: The room lending app facilitates people for  finding a room to tenants.
Donate4Good: Securing the 3rd position globally the team of Sajesh Khadgi, N.J. Subedi, Bobby Basnet and Saurav Bajracharya developed a donation solution through which anybody can donate some amount  for some social cause by sending SMS.
Campaign4Good: This is an online platform to create and share campagins for social cause financially or by being a volunteer.
VNats: VNats is "a visual social network", a smartphone based app where people can discuss on various subjects which is most suitable for research work and job search.
Corruption Meter: This project allows users to to post details on corruption which they experience.
The exact date of the event is still to be confirmed. We will keep on updating other details as soon as there is.

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The event is going to be held in weekend of February 7th to 9th, 2014.

The 48 hours event format includes:

Live introduction world-wide through live-stream!

API Partners their services - for free - to all #hack4good participants!
NGO's world wide presenting challenges and ideas to hack on!
Hack for 48 hours - Experts and mentors will be available world-wide
Present projects locally, recognition and prizes
Present projects globally, recognition and prizes


Because of some unfavorable circumstances including power cut problems, the #hack4goodktm has been postponed for this time.  We Raju, Shashi and Nootan as organizers of the event apologize for the inconveniences.

past event details via sparrow sms

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Written By Raju Dawadi
Raju is a Computer Engineering student in Nepal, tech and social media enthusiast, web developer, blogger experimenting with SEO and web analytics.

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