Friday, March 14, 2014

What if I had a Smartphone, Laptop and Bike? #RandomThinking :)

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Three things, no big deals (Steve jobs words :) ). I am not putting smiley coz they will be everywhere. When I see people playing CS everytime on laptop, running here & there via bike without any specific task, and chatting whole time on facebook from smartphone, I think as if if i had those stuffs there would be no one like me who will utilize them fully. May be all people who have them plan as i do before they have these things. So, i get puzzled sometime whether these things are still luxury or necessity? Any way, let that be in luxury item until i have them :)

What if I had a smartphone?

-Would have scored 100+ in flappy bird and some more than my friends’ score in Subway surfer

-Created a viber account. I don’t have one and my pc don’t have blue stack supportable graphics.

-Tested my simple android app more faster. It takes 2 min to load the app on my pc.

-Who don’t tweet photos from instagram? Why wouldn’t I ?

-You might be thinking I will never be offline from fb. But if you are on my friend list, i may not to tell any more.

-Oh, i forgot the most important point, i would not have to see people’s face for 2 hours daily on bus.

-I should not have to use this site once a day. My current cell phone is Nokia 5130. Now, i may not to say more :)

And if I had a laptop?

-Do i need to write the first point here? I am sure your mind is not that much sluggish. If you are so, thats our daily festival- loadshedding. And having a bright screen while the festival celebration is not only an awesome moment, thats awesomest moment ( i don’t know thats the word named -est, google that)

-One thing I am sure, if I had a laptop, I would definitely have learned or even mastered (I know I couldn’t be that soon :) ) in some programming language: php or java. Now, here comes the debate, its necessity or luxury or half-half. There are some of my classmates who have learned that a lot without the lappy thing. We have a saying in nepali too: खाने मुखलाई जुँगाले छेक्छ र ? But I can’t agree with this too. Most of the time, while the “festival celebration” I cannot divert full mind on study but if i have “that” there could have been best utilization of time too.

-I have stopped reading the online posts about hackathon and some techie trainings because of this. This really sounds sad. Doesn't it?

And finally if I had a bike?

Oh, this is still not in my required category. You know, there is recent petrol price hike. How to make this moving without a permanent type (which is negotiable) or any business to fill its tank? But still owing bike saves nearly 3 hours per day from home to college and return. How much loss in a semester with 3 hours per day. Is there any more thing than that than getting one? But getting two wheeler needs “that”. and……… fill it :)

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Written By Raju Dawadi
Raju is a Computer Engineering student in Nepal, tech and social media enthusiast, web developer, blogger experimenting with SEO and web analytics.

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