Saturday, September 19, 2015

Last Day of 6th Sem : Worst Movie Day Ever

It was last day of 3rd year of Engineering and with some special-ness because of final defense of project. Presentation, reports, demonstration all turned out well and there was something to do as farewell. After spending an hour discussing about future projects and other relevant talks, we decided to go nearby cinema hall and watch which ever the movie is there as none of us were familiar with current playlist.

There were 3 Nepali and a Hindi movie. As we were there just to enjoy some 2 hours and had no expectation for goodness, so I voted for a Nepali movie for even promotion of internal product but there was just 25% vote on the selection. At last, with some foods, we started watching a Bollywood movie "Hero". Though I was acting like opposition at beginning with some criticism, the movie turned out to be so boring after some 15 minutes that some of us got out of the hall and entered another hall. I don't know if its allowed or not but thank god, there were no guards or any staffs around and some seats were empty.

With some expectation, we started watching a Nepali movie in the new room. We were not sure about the name and also couldn't ask people around about that :). It was fine till the interval (we were there 20 minutes before half) but after that it turned out to be so boring that there was nothing left to watch except our college building on background of a scene of Chyasal Play Ground which last for about 10 minutes and boring dialogue between just two actors. We guessed the shooting was done about 3 months ago analyzing the environment. It was no different than movies before 10 years. After returning back home, I ROFLed watching the trailer. Actors were running like some big thing is going to happen but it was just a scene for song. Except one or two funny scene, its worth watching Nepali movie of 2000.

After finishing the Nepali Movie, we again entered the previous hall with "Hero". I had some expectation that Bollywood movie would be somehow watch-able but there was nothing interesting. We crack up saying "Sas-Bahu hindi serial would be nice than this". The whole movie was around the two main actors with their debut. We made conclusion "Producer Salman Khan might have invested in the movie without expectation of any return." Getting chance to watch 2 movies with a ticket is funny but none were interesting is worst part. 

Before few days, there was news of selection of "Tulke vs Talakjung" to be sent for nomination on Oscar. The Best Foreign Language Film Selection Committee, Nepal, has chosen it as the entry to 88th Academy Awards. It was the last Nepali movie I had watched and funny thing is one of my friend got asleep while watching. It was related to the war time of Nepal which recovered the ticket cost :).

Now I got the reason : why "Tulke vs TalakJang" was selected for Oscar. Because there is no movie with some quality and can be spent 2 hours fruitfully this year. 

Anyway, there is "Everest" on next change list. See you there :)

Written By Raju Dawadi
Raju is a Computer Engineering student in Nepal, tech and social media enthusiast, web developer, blogger experimenting with SEO and web analytics.

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